If your work location is less than 16 miles away from home, use a scooter instead of a car to go to work!

According to statistics, electric scooters have become one of the most popular micromobility in the United States.

Based on the advantages of energy saving and simple and quick use of electric scooters, scooters have become more efficient than cars for short-distance transportation.

The most inefficient thing about driving a car is the car itself. The average American weighs about 175 pounds. According to a 2016 study by the US Department of Energy, the average American car weighs just under 4,100 pounds—23 times more than the person it carries. So most of the car’s energy is used to move the vehicle itself. Our Jasscol e-scooter weighs just 26.7 pounds and runs off an efficient electric motor. That gives it a huge advantage in terms of energy use.

Planning to buy an electric scooter for work? 

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Our 8.5-inch pneumatic tires adult electric scooters with 300W motor, max speed 15.8mph,range may vary depending on riding conditions, weight, speed and terrains, maximum range up to 16 miles depending on road conditions, tackles steep 15% hills with ease. Long range battery scooter electric for adults 6AH Lithium Polymer battery utilizes a smart battery system, LCD display screen, LED lights, hand-activated brakes and brake lights make this a safer ride.